jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

Our first game is out!

We are very happy to announce that finally our first game is out!

Its name is LittleGame. It's an educational-entertaiment game for kids. It contains four games and it's cheap, please buy it!

Here is the app description:

The game is vital in many aspects of social, emotional and intellectual development of children and has a significant impact on academic learning. It is one of the most powerful vehicles that children have to good try and learn new skills, concepts and experiences. The game can help children develop the knowledge they need to connect meaningfully with the challenges they discover in the school.

The children's game is an activity that can be approached from many points of view, one of them is education.

LittleGame incorporates four different games designed to develop different abilities of children:

- Pairs:
  - Develop the capacity of attention.
  - Facilitate a strategy of memory through image association.
  - Develop the skills of classification, recognition and assimilation of concepts.
  - Develop the capacity of short-term memory and to form partnerships and relationships.

- Silhouettes:
  - Ability to object recognition.
  - Discrimination of shapes, colors, sizes and positions.
  - Ability to play models.
  - Analysis, hypothesis, comparison, trial and error.

- Mazes:
  - Develop the skills of children and their powers of observation.
  - Improves concentration.
  - Develops creative thinking and constructive.
  - Increases dexterity.
  - Develops sensitivity, imagination and creativity.
  - Improving the development of perception.

- Sudokus:
  - Stimulates and enhances their math skills, logic and critical thinking.
  - Excellent learning tool that helps strengthen the skills of reasoning and calculation.

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